Achievements Evening 2017

On Thursday 20th July 2017 it was our annual Achievements Evening. Once again we enjoyed a fabulous evening celebrating the various talents and achievements of many of our incredible children. Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 received awards for many different aspects of school life.

Awards included:

Spirit of Russell Scott – Quite simply … great role models! Awarded to Maisie, Ava, Robyn, Mia, Daniel,Chloe, Ruby, Megan, Phoebe, Bobby, Jasmin and  Phoebe.

Lawrence Scott Award – For recognition of impressive talent in science and technology. Awarded to Joshua, Grace,  Jacob, Joseph, Jenson, Lochlann, Faizan, Peter, Malakhi, Corey-Jaye, Harry and Nathan.

Most Improved – Awarded to the pupil in the class who has made the most impressive progress during the school year. This year’s winners include Kyran, Joshua, Leah Jane, Elliott, Ava, Macy, Chloe, Kai, Luca, Luis, Suleman, Lola, Aksha and Evie.

100% Attendance Award – In school every day from September to July 20th! Awarded to Riley, Ajay, Luis, Maisie, Jaxon, Corey, Lily, Abigail, Jasmin, Caleb, Grace Lily, Scarlet, Elliott, Daisy, Molly, Mason, Keira, Alfie, Daniel, George, Emma, Niamh, Erin, Blake, Nathan, Charlie, Sophie, Jacob, Phoebe, Olivia, Lydia, Ethan, Emmanuel, Callum, Jodie, Lola, Emily, Shriya, Miquita, Eden, Sophie, Darcey and Georgia.

School Council: Amy, Shriya, Harry, Leo, Alessandro, Aimee, Chloe, Alfie, Eve, Gage, Brook, Zoe, Finley, Phoebe, Mia and Leo.

Playground Friends: Eden, Ryan, Phoebe, Izzy, Jasmine, Theo, Alice, Aston, Radhika, Zoe, Emma, Luca, Matthew, Keisha, Olivia and George.

Outstanding Reading: Esme, Lily, Grace, Jasmin, Josie, Daisy, Grace Lily, Finley, Freya, CJ, Lana, Kayden, Maisie, Aisha, Jibran, Lily, Ethan, Amy, Eden, Ruby, Phoebe, Lewis, Aksha, Ben, Georgia, Tallulah, Megan, Caitlyn, Ryan, Shayan, Izzy and Miquita.

Outstanding Writing: Freya, CJ, Miquita, Izzy, Megan, Ryan, Ruby and Eden.

Outstanding Maths: Summer, Grace, Grace Lily, Finley, Freya, CJ, Lana, Mia, Lily, Amy, Eden, Ruby, Connor, Phoebe, Lewsi, Aksha, Ben, Darcey, Kye, Dylan, Shriya, Tallulah, Megan, Caitlyn, Ryan, Shayan, Izzy, Alex, and  Miquita.

Outstanding SPAG: Miquita, Alex, Jake, Izzy, Shayan, Ryan, Caitlyn, Megan, Tallulah, Dylan, Kye, Darcey, Ben, Aksha, Lewis, Phoebe, Connor, Ruby, Joshua, Mackenzie, Eden, Callum and Amy.

A WELL DONE to everyone!


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