Achievements Evening 2016

Once again our annual evening of celebration proved to be a great success. Congratulations to all our prize winners who excelled in many different aspects of school life.












Sports Stars: Elliot, Harriet, Isabelle, Lucas, Daisy, Mia, Kyle, Lexie-Lois, Maisie, Leo, Keira, Ava, Blake, Radhika, Erin, Jaiden, Maisie, Alisha, Ethan, Katie, Keisha, Allesandro, Sophie, Lucas, Eden, Joe, Kadie, Josh, Ruby, Miquita, Liam, Macy, Niamh, Mason, Kori, Lewis, Kyle and Nia.

Most Courteous: Esme, Lyra, Phoebe, George, Natasha, Emma, Chloe, Ellie, Shayan, Jade, Maddie and James

Neatest Books: Scarlet, Eva, Gianni, Mia, Bobby, Eve, Cole, Phoebe, Megan, Emily, Bailey and Chloe

Most Improved: Amelia, Skye, Leo, Max, Jess, Eiliya, Lydia, Imogen, Wiktor, Nathan, Ryan and Adam

Science and Technology Award: Ethan, Finley, Aston, Joshua, Luis, Gage, Alfie, George, Lewis, Callum, Eve and Vishein

100% Attendance: Esme, Isabelle, Lana, Kayden, Maisie, Paige, Alice, Olivia, Gianni, Leo, Molly, Leo, Mason, Adam, Rhadika, Hayden, emma, Holly, Joshua, Niamh, Lydia, Rahal, Charm, Sophie, Rachel, Phoebe, Emily, Olivia, Chloe, Eden, Ben, Darcey, Georgia, Caitlin, Mason, Shriya, Jake, Miquita, Niamh, Macy, Kyle, Katie-Li, Sophie, Jacob, James, Joseph, Bree and Blayke

Outstanding Reading: Daisy, Tilly, Joshua, Alice, Nimue, Jason, Jasmine, Abbie, Aston, Alfie, Mollie, Phoebe, Amy, Faizan, Madison, Isla, Joseph, Blayke and Darcy

Outstanding Writing: Abbie, Amy, Isla, Daisy, Sienna and Louis

Outstanding Maths: Tilly, Jason, Abbie, Davis, Amy, Joshua, Harvey, Jasmine, Louis, Joseph, Sienna, Macy, Livia and Aaron

Outstanding Grammar: Daisy, Louis, Mason, Iman, Sienna, Darcy and Joseph

Special Year 6 Awards: Caitlin, Emma, Danielle, Victoria, Bree, Sienna, Louis, Darcy, Daisy






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