Achievements Evening 2015

Achievements Evening 2015

Well done to all our amazing pupils who helped to make an incredible night of celebration of the very best of Russell Scott. As well as celebrating personal achievements through a variety of awards, we were entertained by our incredible Singing Club, two dance routines from Jess and her dance groups and performance poetry from year 4 and year 6.

Our Award winners were:

Most Improved -David, Jack, Isabelle, Maisy, Suleman, Harry, Phoebe, Alex, Daisy, Bailey, Lauren and Bethany

Most Courteous – Isla, Alfie, Zoe, Hayden, Ruby, Rahal, Dylan, Leo, Mason, Niamh, Mia and Lauren

Neatest Books – Amy, Keira, Radhika, Holly, Aimee, Alfie, Isabella, Wiktor, Sienna, Chantelle, Kayley and Juanisha

100% Attendance – Alice, Gianni, Molly, Bradley, Eren, Chloe, Adam, Courtney, Lauren, Gage, Holly, Callum, Niamh, Allessandro, Aimee, Rachel, Phoebe, Emily, Nicole, Lydia, Joshua, Jake, Shriya, Jake, Georgia, Ben, Darcy, Tallulah, Ryan, Joe, Joseph, Niamh, Nia, Dru, Livia, Mia, Megan, Kali, Christian, Emily, McKenzie, Juanisha, Lauren, Emma, David and Lucas

Year 2 and Year 6 Awards- Jasmin, Chloe, Luis, Adam, Blake, Eve, Niamh, Nomsa, Lewis, Christian, Ethan, Jade, Ellie, Joshim, Joely, William, McKenzie, Rebecca, Emma, Ella, Alanah, Lucas, Daniel, Ben, Ben, Macawley and Maleeha



Our Most Courteous award winners.



Singing Club 2015


Neatest Books Award Winners


Most Improved 2015


100% Attendance Nursery to Year 6


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