Golden Owlet Awards

Congratulations to our hardworking wonderful Golden Owlets from Year 2 ! Well done to Lucas, Holly, Elliot, Maisie, Lily, Lana, Ellie and Grace Lily.

Amazing Owl Awards

We are very proud of nine Year 2 and Year 6 pupils who were recently presented with their Golden Owl and Golden Owlet Awards. These special awards can take two years to achieve as pupils have to prove they are Wise, Caring and Busy. A tremendous achievement – well done!

Year 2 – Abigail, CJ, Mia, Daisy and Finley with their Golden Owlets.

From Year 6, Miquita, Shriya, Jake and Ruby with their Golden Owls.


Sports Leaders

Many of our talented Year 5 pupils have now achieved the Sports Leader Award. Well done – a real achievement! Thank you to Mr Gorman, our fantastic PE coach, and Mr Schollar from D.C.C. who supported them in developing their teamwork and refining their skills.

Achievements Evening 2016

Once again our annual evening of celebration proved to be a great success. Congratulations to all our prize winners who excelled in many different aspects of school life.












Sports Stars: Elliot, Harriet, Isabelle, Lucas, Daisy, Mia, Kyle, Lexie-Lois, Maisie, Leo, Keira, Ava, Blake, Radhika, Erin, Jaiden, Maisie, Alisha, Ethan, Katie, Keisha, Allesandro, Sophie, Lucas, Eden, Joe, Kadie, Josh, Ruby, Miquita, Liam, Macy, Niamh, Mason, Kori, Lewis, Kyle and Nia.

Most Courteous: Esme, Lyra, Phoebe, George, Natasha, Emma, Chloe, Ellie, Shayan, Jade, Maddie and James

Neatest Books: Scarlet, Eva, Gianni, Mia, Bobby, Eve, Cole, Phoebe, Megan, Emily, Bailey and Chloe

Most Improved: Amelia, Skye, Leo, Max, Jess, Eiliya, Lydia, Imogen, Wiktor, Nathan, Ryan and Adam

Science and Technology Award: Ethan, Finley, Aston, Joshua, Luis, Gage, Alfie, George, Lewis, Callum, Eve and Vishein

100% Attendance: Esme, Isabelle, Lana, Kayden, Maisie, Paige, Alice, Olivia, Gianni, Leo, Molly, Leo, Mason, Adam, Rhadika, Hayden, emma, Holly, Joshua, Niamh, Lydia, Rahal, Charm, Sophie, Rachel, Phoebe, Emily, Olivia, Chloe, Eden, Ben, Darcey, Georgia, Caitlin, Mason, Shriya, Jake, Miquita, Niamh, Macy, Kyle, Katie-Li, Sophie, Jacob, James, Joseph, Bree and Blayke

Outstanding Reading: Daisy, Tilly, Joshua, Alice, Nimue, Jason, Jasmine, Abbie, Aston, Alfie, Mollie, Phoebe, Amy, Faizan, Madison, Isla, Joseph, Blayke and Darcy

Outstanding Writing: Abbie, Amy, Isla, Daisy, Sienna and Louis

Outstanding Maths: Tilly, Jason, Abbie, Davis, Amy, Joshua, Harvey, Jasmine, Louis, Joseph, Sienna, Macy, Livia and Aaron

Outstanding Grammar: Daisy, Louis, Mason, Iman, Sienna, Darcy and Joseph

Special Year 6 Awards: Caitlin, Emma, Danielle, Victoria, Bree, Sienna, Louis, Darcy, Daisy






Achievements Evening 2015

Achievements Evening 2015

Well done to all our amazing pupils who helped to make an incredible night of celebration of the very best of Russell Scott. As well as celebrating personal achievements through a variety of awards, we were entertained by our incredible Singing Club, two dance routines from Jess and her dance groups and performance poetry from year 4 and year 6.

Our Award winners were:

Most Improved -David, Jack, Isabelle, Maisy, Suleman, Harry, Phoebe, Alex, Daisy, Bailey, Lauren and Bethany

Most Courteous – Isla, Alfie, Zoe, Hayden, Ruby, Rahal, Dylan, Leo, Mason, Niamh, Mia and Lauren

Neatest Books – Amy, Keira, Radhika, Holly, Aimee, Alfie, Isabella, Wiktor, Sienna, Chantelle, Kayley and Juanisha

100% Attendance – Alice, Gianni, Molly, Bradley, Eren, Chloe, Adam, Courtney, Lauren, Gage, Holly, Callum, Niamh, Allessandro, Aimee, Rachel, Phoebe, Emily, Nicole, Lydia, Joshua, Jake, Shriya, Jake, Georgia, Ben, Darcy, Tallulah, Ryan, Joe, Joseph, Niamh, Nia, Dru, Livia, Mia, Megan, Kali, Christian, Emily, McKenzie, Juanisha, Lauren, Emma, David and Lucas

Year 2 and Year 6 Awards- Jasmin, Chloe, Luis, Adam, Blake, Eve, Niamh, Nomsa, Lewis, Christian, Ethan, Jade, Ellie, Joshim, Joely, William, McKenzie, Rebecca, Emma, Ella, Alanah, Lucas, Daniel, Ben, Ben, Macawley and Maleeha



Our Most Courteous award winners.



Singing Club 2015


Neatest Books Award Winners


Most Improved 2015


100% Attendance Nursery to Year 6